Letting The Light In: Creating Comfortable and Artistic Window Dressing

Letting The Light In: Creating Comfortable and Artistic Window Dressing

Window Dressing for Artistic Home Comfort:

Letting the light into our homes is important. Changing curtains, drapery and other window dressing features can be an enjoyable artistic project that adds comfort and beauty to your home. Examining how light falls in the room at different times of the day can be a guiding element in designing your own window dressing project. Examining our window coverings and controlling the amount of light at different times of day adds to our health, our comfort and our overall quality of life. Attending to the artistic display of our draperies, blinds and other window dressing features adds to the pride we take in our home and in our own artistic skills.

Choosing Drapery and Curtain Textiles and Materials:

There are extensive choices for purchasing ready made drapery, curtains and window blinds.  Each home and each room has unique window dressing needs. Each individual has different preferences for textiles and materials. After examining how light falls in the area where you are working, choose the materials that maximize your ability to control how light enters the room, and showcases your own unique personality. Ready made drapery can be modified to suit your own artistic vision by lengthening them, shortening them, adding tie backs, or creating a valence. Blinds come in a variety of styles that allow various amounts of light. Roll up blinds provide versatile control, and can be useful for allowing instant and complete privacy. Bamboo style blinds that tie at the top offer more light into a room even when the blind is down. Sheer panels are a beautiful addition to any artistic window display and can be combined with blinds and drapery for a co-ordinated look that compliments any room. Filtered light through sheers can add an attractive improvement in home comfort. For more versatility, heavy draperies are available in beautiful colors and luxurious fabrics. Heavy drapery used as swag style window dressing maximizes the light entering the room and looks lovely. Full drapes should have versatility in terms of tie backs and other features that allow you to style them in different ways depending on the time of day. Consider how you want to control the light in your room when choosing textiles, draperies and blinds.

Choosing Comfortable Colors:

When it comes to color choice with artistic window dressing, you want to combine your personal color preferences with some artistic knowledge; considering not only the colors of the room itself, but also looking carefully at the colors you see in the view of outdoors from the window you are working with. Another consideration when choosing colors is the view of the window from the perspective of the outside the house. When planning your artistic window dressing, you want the drapery combinations to be comfortable and beautiful from both inside the room and outside the room, and at any time of day.  Using an artist`s color wheel or a color chart that shows complimentary and contrasting colors is one great way to plan a beautiful display.  Often the colors that create more comfort are colors we see in our outdoor environment, so examine the colors of the nearby landscape, the greens in the trees and grasses, the flowers, and the blues of the ocean for inspiration.  Remember that drapery colors will look different in different lights and at different times of day. Making a detailed plan that includes your color scheme is a great idea. Planning your project carefully will result in more effective results. You want to know you have created an artistic display and increase the comfort in your home. Planning your color combinations very carefully will ensure that you achieve the happiest results.

Combining Features to Create Artistic Effect:

Maximizing the light in a room allows any room to appear larger, the light helps to improve our air quality, and spending time in sunlight helps us to feel more physically and mentally alert. These are all great reasons to allow maximum light through our window space at least some of the time. An option for a window space where we want to maximize privacy, but allow light, is to choose a full window decal in an opaque design as part of the window display. Choosing other features with this in mind should be part of the planning. Making sure our curtain rods are long enough is important, and there is a wide variety of styles of rods to accentuate the beauty of the window display. Choosing elaborate or simple finials for the outermost rod is another attractive design feature. Some window dressings require several rods for combined draperies and blinds, and placing those can also require careful planning. Letting the light in by redesigning our window dressing is a fine and satisfying artistic home project to be proud of.

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